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Heightened awareness of energy resource depletion, environmental concerns and rising energy costs have lead people to reconsider energy consumption both in the business world and in their personal lives. Matern Professional Engineering has been a member of the
U.S. Green Building Council since 2004. As green building design becomes more in demand, technology costs are coming down. We are utilizing this balance to incorporate efficient technologies whenever possible.

Matern Professional Engineering understands that energy conservation starts with the design. Using designs that incorporate materials to promote energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality, and reserve water is our mission. We have always designed our building systems with efficiency and cost savings in mind. We continuously look for technologies and solutions that benefit the enrivonment and save money in the long run for our clients.

Many factors are evaluated when designing projects including safety for the public and the environment. We aim to design our systems to be energy efficient. Our standard design incorporates 85% of LEED Silver Certification requirements. There are many new and revitalized systems in the industry that are providing energy efficiency like hybrid geothermal systems, and ice storage. Utilizing systems like this not only has an advantage on the life cycle of the system, but also generates capital savings in annual chilled water energy savings.

With our energy conscious designs we have designed thermal energy storage projects (TES), high efficiency chillers, occupancy sensors, high SEER rated direct expansion units and other energy efficient mechanical designs to benefit the owner. Green building is not just a buzz word, it’s the way we design for our clients, so we can reduce energy costs and give back to the community. MPE has also teamed up with Progress Energy and Florida Power and Light in their energy rebate program and has helped give energy rebates to our clients over the last ten years.

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