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Energy Rebate Programs
MPE encourages participation in power company rebate programs and has assisted our clients in receiving over $3,500,000 in rebates. With energy efficient design in mind, MPE has teamed up with Progress Energy, Florida Power & Light and TECO to not only reduce energy costs, but to help give back to our clients with their Energy Rebate Program. Our energy conscious designs and studies have included energy/utility audits and analysis, thermal energy storage projects (TES), high efficiency chillers, occupancy sensors, high SEER rated direct expansion units, and other energy efficiency related designs; that in return will produce first cost savings and rebate checks right back to our clients. This is particularly great news for our education clients who can put the money into the future of our education system.
SCPS Rebate Check
On May 29, 2007, MPE & Progess Energy presented Seminole County Public Schools
with a $10,560 rebate check

Energy Saving Studies & Design
By designing an energy efficient chilled water system, MPE helped cut energy costs for Volusia County Schools. Matern Professional Engineering performed a 20 year life cycle cost analysis for Volusia County Schools comparing the hybrid geothermal system to a standard chilled water plant utilizing cooling towers for heat rejection.  The effective life cycle cost savings for using the hybrid geothermal system was $3,855,607.00 (with no power company rate escalation).  This capital savings amount includes an annual plant energy savings of $162,472.00 and a construction first cost savings of $355,157.00.  Combining the central energy plants for the high school and middle school also saved the School District another $42,000.00 in construction first cost. 

We also analyzed the annual and life cycle water savings from utilizing ground water in lieu of cooling towers.  Our analysis has found that a traditional water cooled chiller plant with cooling towers would use approximately 7,800,000 gallons of water a year due to evaporation.  That is an annual cost of $37,800.00 or $750,000.00+ in water bills over the 20 year life cycle of the central energy plant.  The staggering fact is that this geothermal plant will save the District and the environment 157,464,000 gallons of water over the next 20 years.

Our top design priority for this project was to ensure that the aquifer system would not be adversely affected by utilizing this natural resource.  Our firm worked closely with a local well drilling company and the St. Johns Water Management District to ensure all the water extracted from the aquifer was injected back to the aquifer.  As stated above the design incorporated a plate and frame heat exchanger, to decouple the two water loops, to ensure that no chemical contamination occurred between the aquifer water and the closed loop condenser water.

VCS University High School

VCS University High School

VCS University High School
Volusia County Schools Hybrid Geothermal Central Energy Plant


Thermal Energy Storage Solutions
This project consists of an expansion of the central energy plant located at the “H” building on the Sanford/Lake Mary campus. The expansion includes 24 new Calmac Ice Thermal Energy Storage tanks, heat exchanger and piping. The scope encompasses the headers and branch piping to the tanks and the energy “Ice Pick” calculations for the ton shifting capability of the plant. It also includes design of new 12” main chilled water supply and return lines within the plant, new 12” underground chilled water supply & return line infrastructure to expand the current infrastructure.

The upgrade of the plant is being done to support the new Partnership Building, as well as additional growth on the campus. This upgrade will also qualify Seminole State College for $2,500 towards the feasibility study, $464 per ton removed off of the peak cooling load and $16 - 20 per ton for the commissioning from Florida Power& Light’s Energy Rebate program. The maximum peak Ton shifts is 775 Tons which will result in a $302,400 rebate from FP&L.

Seminole State College Building "H" Thermal Energy Storage Tanks
Seminole State College Building "H" Central Energy Plant Thermal Energy Storage

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