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We offer a full range of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, technology, energy and commissioning Engineering Services. Matern Professional Engineering always stands ready to provide clients with top-quality personnel experienced in providing the Engineering expertise needed.

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Heating Systems
Ventilation Systems
Air Conditioning Systems
Central Energy Plants
Energy Management Systems
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Geothermal Technology
Thermal Energy Storage
Humidity Control
Primary Mechanical Systems
Secondary HVAC Systems
Perimeter Systems
Exhaust Systems
Filtration Systems
Heat Recovery Systems
Campus Utility Distribution
System Modeling
Building Automation/Controls
Smoke Control
Energy Rebates
Lightning Protection
Site Lighting
Power Generation
Power Distribution
Uninterruptible Power Systems
Emergency Power Distribution
Emergency Generators
Fire Alarm/Detection
Life Safety Systems
Acid Drain, Waste & Vent, Grease, and Sanitary Drain Systems
Compressed Air Systems
Domestic Water
Booster Pump Systems
Fuel-Gas Piping Systems
Medical Gas Systems
Storm Drainage Systems
Water Purification/Conditioning Systems
Solar Heating Systems
Storm Water Recovery Systems
Grey Water Systems
Code Compliance
Fire Protection
Code Analysis and Research
Electric and Diesel Fire Pump
Early Suppression Fast Response Systems
Hydrant Flow Testing
Hydraulic Calculations
Special Hazard Design
Sprinkler System Design
Storage System Design
Water Supply Analysis
Water Wall/Deluge System

Lighting Design
Conceptual Narrative
Design Sketches
3-D Visualization
Design Charrettes
Luminaire Layouts & Specifications
Control System Design
Budgeting & Cost Tracking
Energy Analysis
Power Density Analysis
Daylighting And Daylight Harvesting Design
Load Shedding Design

Fiber Optics
Telephone Systems
Telecommunication Systems
Technology Enhancements
Technology Retrofits
Security Systems
Intercom & Paging Systems
Infrastructure Planning
Distributed Television System
Fundamental LEED
Whole Building
Retro Commissioning
Systems Commissioning
Design Review
Indoor Air Quality
Energy Management
Facility Assessment
Survey & Studies
Indoor Air Quality
Facility Assessment
Electrical Coordination Studies
Short Circuit
Voltage Drop Analysis
HVAC Load Calculations
Code Compliance Review
Feasibility Studies
Green Design
Energy Modeling
Energy/Utility Analysis
Fundamental Commissioning
Water Efficiency Analysis
Water Re-use System Designs
Geothermal Cooling
Thermal Energy Storage (Ice)
Solar Energy
Light Pollution Reduction
Energy Rebate Coordination

Code Compliance

3-D Modeling

Project Management
Contract Documentation
Contract Negotiations
Contractor Selection
Construction Administration
Material and System Evaluations
Bid Examination and Recommendations
Scheduling and Progress Control



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